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Communication Devices Showroom

Communication devices showroom

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Although hearing aid technology has advanced significantly, hearing aids are not a complete solution. Having additional communication devices is an important element of being able to fully address the impact of hearing loss or deafness.

WIDHH’s Communication Devices Showroom located at our West 7th Avenue Head Office displays a variety of assistive listening and alerting devices to optimize communication and safety at home, in the workplace, and in social environments. These devices include:

  • FM systems
  • Infrared systems for the television and radio
  • Amplified telephones
  • Visual alerting systems for the home

WIDHH's Communication Devices Showroom is also the only place in British Columbia that displays a large range of devices and provides one-on-one consultations to assist individuals in becoming comfortable with their devices. WIDHH’s Communication Devices Specialists go beyond selling a product. We can also assist you with house calls to install devices, meetings with your employers and therapists to ensure that safety and communication needs are accommodated, and community presentations to raise awareness about new technologies.