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Your Attention - Please

People often say, “You have a hearing aid. You should hear me just fine.” Well, sadly enough, it’s not just fine. Hearing aids help you to hear better, but they are certainly not a cure for hearing loss.

It’s important that you get people’s attention and that others get your attention before starting a conversation. If you’ve missed the first few words and then you realize somebody is talking to you, you are already feeling lost.

  • Others can tap you on the shoulder or flick the lights to get your attention. Then you can face the speaker and hear what they have to say right from the start.
  • Avoid talking from room-to-room or over barriers. Conversations should be carried out in the same room and, preferably, face-to-face. Voices just don’t carry very well between walls nor down hallways.
  • Let others know that they will have to face for you to understand better. Explain that you have difficulty hearing and ask them to talk directly to you. There is no substitute for direct speech. Otherwise, you’ll hear the receptionist or cashier talking straight into their computer screens.

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