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Programs & Services

Programs & Services

We are Unique

WIDHH is unique because we are the only organization in British Columbia that houses resources to assist with every aspect of a person’s life under one roof. These resources include hearing aid services, sign language interpreting services, employment counselling services, a job resource centre, a seniors outreach program, a communication devices showroom, informative classes, and community presentations.

WIDHH proudly believes in serving the community as a non-profit organization. This means that any money we earn from our social enterprises, such as our hearing aid clinic, goes back into the community to provide free programs.

With nearly six decades of experience, WIDHH serves almost 12,000 Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals every year. We have enjoyed a proven track record of success and thousands of clients who have benefited from our services. No other agency meets the needs of Deaf and Hard of Hearing British Columbians like we do.